Welcome to my pages. The Czech Republic (or abbrev. Czechia) is the country in the middle of Europe. I am proud of being her citizen and living there Napajedla is the town in Czechia where I live with my wife, children and pets. Zlin is the city where I work.

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Karel Kysilka

Komenskeho 1529
763 61 Czech Republic

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Dýjiny staletÝ - The Family Chronicle of a Czech Miller┤s Family:
The History of my ancestors 1535 - 1948

Czech Surnames - a short essay on the history and distribution of our family names.

Economical and social diversification of the Czech rural population durig feudalism.This is the explanation what does it mean if your ancestor was a "lanik - Hufner - Lahner " or chalupnik - Chaluppner - cottager" or daily worker - "podruh - Inmann"

The development of Parochial Vital Registers in the Czech Lands.including an alphabetical list of parishes in Eastern Bohemia (the district of Chrudim)

A short description of the Records and Collections of the Moravian Provincial Archives in Brno.

Administrative Division into Regions and Districts from 17th century to novadys is discussed here.

NEW ! Emigration from the Policka district to the USA in 1850 - 1890 . A full text of my papers, presented on the Genealogy Semi˝ar of the Czech Heritage Society of Texas in Hillsboro, TX. on July 31, 1999.

NEW ! Historical Overview of all political and judicial districts in Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia between 1850 - 1949.
Be patient, tables are between 30 and 130 kB each.

NEW ! Administrative Maps of Moravia and Silesia as per 1848.

Moravian Chapter of the Czechoslovak Society of Arts and Sciences

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Unofficial Home Page of the town of NAPAJEDLA., where I have been living for almost 20 years.

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