Frequent Czech Surnames - rank 20 - 100

More Czech Common Surnames
2,1 o/oo NEMEC a Czech name for a German, originally from nemy=the deaf
1,8 - 2,0 o/oo
MALY small by the heigh
POSPISIL who was in a hurry
SOUKUP who bought something
URBAN from a first name
1,5 - 1,7 o/oo
BLAZEK from a first name BLAZEJ - Beatus or Benedict
DOLEZAL part. perf. of to lie
FISER, FISCHER from German name, fisher - Czech equivalent RYBAR
KADLEC occupation - weaver
KOLAR occupation - cardwright
KOPECKY who originated in hills
KRIZ from cross
MARES from a first name Marek - Marcus
MASEK from a first nme MACH, Matthew
POLAK Czech name for a Pole
SEDLACEK dimin. form of SEDLAK - a farmer
STASTNY from adj. - happy, FELIX
TUMA from a first name TOMAS - Thomas
VANEK from a first name VACLAV - Venceslaus
1,3 - 1,5 o/oo
BLAHA from a first name BLAZEJ - Beatus or Benedict
DUSEK from a first name Duchoslav, duse = soul
HRUSKA a pear
JANDA from a first name Jan - John
KOHOUT a cock
MATOUSEK from a first name Matous - Mattew
MORAVEC from a name of a province of Morava, who came from
MUELLER holder of a mill
RIHA from a first name Rehor - Gregorius
STRNAD a name of a bird - bunting
SYKORA a birdīs name - tit
SIMEK from a first name Simon
SMID, SMIDA a smith
STEPANEK from a first name Stepan - Stephen
TICHY an attribute - silent
VACEK from a first name Vaclav
VLCEK a little Wolf
1,0 - 1,3 o/oo
BARTOS from a first name Barta, Bartolomej, Bartolomeus
BERAN a ram, shepheard, hard as ramīs horn, stubborn
HAVLICEK from a first name Havel - Gallus
HOFFMANN(HOFMAN) a German word for a farmer from a lordīs farmstaed, a free farmer
NEUMANN, NEUMAN, NAJMAN a German word for a newcomer
STANEK from a first name Stanislav
VALENTA from a personal name Valentin
VAVRA from a first name Vavrinec - Laurentius
BENDA from a first name Benedict
HOLUB a name of a bird - pigeon
HRUBY a adj. coarse, crude
MUSIL particip. perf. from a verb must
SOUCEK a knot
BROZ from a first name Ambroz - Ambrosius
BURES from a first name Burian
CECH a newcomer from Bohemia, name of inhabitant of Cechy
CERVENKA who is red in face
CIZEK a birdīs name - ...
HAVEL a first name Gallus
HLAVACEK from a noun hlava - head
JANECEK from a first name Jan
JANOUSEK from a first name Jan
JEZEK a hedge-hog
KOVAR a smith
KOVARIK dimin. form of kovar - smith
KRAUS from a German adj. curly
MACHACEK from a first name Mach - Matthew
MARTINEK from a first name Martin
PESEK, PESKA, PESKO from a first name Petr- Peter
SULC, SCHULZ the lordīs administrator of a village, from German, judge
ZELENKA from adj. zeleny - green
KASPAR from a first name Caspar or who makes a fool of s.b.
KLIMA from a first name Klement - Clemens
KREJCI a tailor
MATEJKA from a first name Matej - Mattew
NAVRATIL part. perf. of a verb to come back, to return, who returned
NEMECEK a dimin. form of Nemec = see above
RICHTER, RICHTER, RYCHTR, RYCHTAR the lordīs administrator of a village, from German, judge
SKALA strong as a rock
SLAVIK a birdīs name - nightingale

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