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pt.gif (159 bytes)Vzpomínka na 18. Světový kongres SVU v Brně
pt.gif (159 bytes)Rezoluce SVU z Plenárního zasedání u příležitosti konání 20. Světového kongresu SVU
pt.gif (159 bytes)O Zlíně ve Washinmgtonu
pt.gif (159 bytes)Obrazová galerie z kongresu
pt.gif (159 bytes)2001 Conference in Lincoln, NE

Nové webové stránky SVU Washington -

1. 2001 SVU Conference.

2. Preregistration Form


Czechoslovak Society of Arts and Sciences (SVU)
announces its 2001 North American Conference

The Czech and Slovak Legacy in the Americas:
Preservation of Heritage with the Accent on Youth

Lincoln, Nebraska, August 1-3, 2001

The University of Nebraska at Lincoln (UN-L) will host the 2001 North American Conference of the Czechoslovak Society of Arts and Sciences (SVU). The conference is sponsored by the University of Nebraska at Lincoln, College of Arts and Sciences, Department of Modern Languages, European Studies, and by the following community and regional groups:  the Czech Language Foundation, the Czech Komensky Club, the Nebraska Czechs of Lincoln, and the Nebraska Czechs of Wilber.  The dates of the Conference have been selected to coincide with the 40th Annual Czech Festival in Wilber, Nebraska, the Czech Capital of the U.S.A., during the first weekend in August.  An estimated 40,000 – 50,000 people from all over the world attend the Wilber festival.

The Conference Committee has been working with our sponsoring organizations to put together a stimulating, exciting program as well as to include a variety of social and cultural activities for all attendees to enjoy.  The preservation of Czech and Slovak heritage has long been an important part of
Nebraska cultural life.  We are reaching out to our Czech and Slovak communities in the state and surrounding areas to become involved with us to make the 2001 SVU Conference a memorable experience for everyone.

One of the central themes of the SVU in the new millennium is our Youth.  The organizing committee has taken this theme seriously and at the present time five of our panels are being chaired by youth in our community.  A paper that will be presented at our "Youth Organizations" panel is entitled "Czech-Slovak Youth Ambassadors" and will be presented by the Chairman and Pageant Director of the Miss Czech-Slovak USA Pageant.

Members of the Nebraska Czechs of Lincoln will serve as the hosts and hostesses of the conference, helping direct attendees to the exhibits that will be running simultaneously during the conference. We plan to have an array of entertainment during our breaks in the sessions, among the groups appearing will be the Capital City Czech Choraliers, dressed in their traditional kroje.

Panel titles include the following: Youth Organizations; History of Festivals; Banking; Student Exchange Programs; Czech and Slovak Museums, Historical Sites, and Memorials; Heritage Digitilization Project; Czech and Slovak Architectural Influences; Teaching Czech Language; History of Immigration; Czech and Slovak Contributions to Medicine and the Helping Professions, Genealogy, Music, Literature, Theater, Economic Cooperation in the Czech and Slovak Republics, Czechs and Slovaks in Canada, Assimilation and the Acculturation of Youth, Library Archives and Collection Development,
Presidential Symposium honoring Presidents of National and Regional Organizations, and the SVU Annual Meeting.

Invitations have been extended to President Vaclav Havel, former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, as well as the Czech and Slovak Ambassadors to both the United States and Canada.  A number of state, local, and university dignitaries will also be in attendance.

A variety of social and cultural events are planned in the community concurrent with the conference.   These events include:  A Reception will begin the festivities on Wednesday, August 1 at 7:00 p.m. at the Wick Alumni Center on the University of Nebraska campus.   Entertainment will be provided
by local talent.  Exhibit at the Great Plains Art Gallery.  The "Wall of Remembrance" offers Conference attendees a glimpse into the history of Czechs in this region.  An Accordion Jam Session is planned. World Premier Czech or Slovak Movie to be shown at the Sheldon Memorial Art Gallery's Ross Film
Theater on Friday evening, August 3.  View the special collection of Czech archives in the Czech Heritage Collection, housed in Love Library at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.  Visit the State Historical Society which has an important collection of microfilms of Czech language newspapers published on the American continent.   Tour the renovation project of St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church in Lincoln.   Attend the 40th Annual Czech Festival in Wilber, Nebraska, on Saturday, August   4th and Sunday, August 5th, featuring ethnic music, dancing, food, parades, theater, and the 15th Annual Miss Czech-Slovak USA Pageant.  The entire program for the Festival can be seen on
the website: Transportation will be provided for a separate fee.

Hotel accommodation for SVU members is available in the University dorms at a cost per person, double occupancy, of $16.00 per night.  Dorm lodging requires that participants purchase a meal plan that is served in the cafeteria (breakfast, lunch, and dinner).  The cost of this meal plan is
$16.00 per person per day, bringing the total cost of room and board to $32.00 a day.   Parking can be arranged on campus near the dorms.  Other hotel accommodations can be made directly with Lincoln hotels (    Hotels in the downtown area are
within walking distance of the campus.  The Cornhusker Hotel is located downtown and has reserved a block of rooms at a special SVU Conference rate.  You may call them at 402-474-7474 to reserve a room and be sure to mention the SVU Conference for your special rate.

SVU North American Conference in Lincoln, Nebraska, August 1 - 3, 2001
Preregistration and Speaker's Form

Please print or type the following:

Name: _____________________________________________________

Name(s) of person(s) accompanying you: 

Institutional Affiliation: _________________________________________

Mailing Address:

Telephone and/or FAX: ____________________________ e?mail:


Title of the proposed talk:



Speakers should submit a separate page, including the following: 

1)  The same information as requested above. 
2)  A few sentences describing your talk to help us plan our program. 
3)  A two sentence statement about your background and your work that will be published in the program.

Additional comments and/or suggestions including recommendations for speakers
(use other side if needed):

Pre?Registration Fee - Received Prior to July 1, 2001:
$ 25.00 (SVU Member)
$ 35.00 (NonMember of SVU)
$ 20.00 (Spouse)
$ 15.00 (Students)

Registrations received after July 1, 2001 will be increased by $10.00 for
each category above.

Housing accommodations in the dormitories:  If you stay in the dorms, you are
required to purchase a meal plan.  The meal plan is $32.00 a night and is
based per person, double occupancy, three meals a day.  The first day is
prorated because you will only have supper.   No one can stay in the dorms
without purchasing the meal plan.  Even if you don't eat all of your meals
there, you are required to pay the full fee.  Check in time is 2:00 p.m. or
after.  Check out time is before 10:00 a.m.  If you plan to stay for the
entire Wilber Festival, you most likely would want to spend the night of
August 5th in Lincoln and leave on Monday, August 6th. We cannot guarantee
space in the dormitories for reservations made after July 1, 2001.

Night of August 1 = $23.50      _________ (supper only)
Night of August 2 = $32.00      _________ (per person, double occupancy, 3
Night of August 3 = $32.00      _________ (per person, double occupancy, 3
Night of August 4 = $32.00      _________ (per person, double occupancy, 3
Night of August 5 = $32.00      _________ (per person, double occupancy, 3
Parking for dorms ($2.00)            _________
Registration fee  =              _________ (see above for appropriate fee)
        Total:  $_________ made payable to SVU

We will send you confirmation of registration and a Conference program
towards the end of April.  To help us plan for the transportation to Wilber,
which will be a separate fee, please indicate below the day(s) you would be
interested in attending:

_____ Saturday, August 3 (# of people ______)                      _____
Sunday, August 4 (# of people _____)

To facilitate the planning of the conference, you are urged to preregister as
soon as possible.  Applications for papers or panels cannot be accepted after
April 15, 2001.

Send this application form along with the appropriate fee (made payable to
SVU) A.S.A.P. to:

Cathleen Oslzly, Department of Psychology, 238 Burnett Hall, UNL, Lincoln, NE

Cancellation Policy:   There won't be any refunds issued after July 20, 2001.
If you have questions, please send an email to:


Datum poslední úpravy: 8. 2.2000